Community Updates

The most recent Moorabool Wind Farm Community Update is available here:

During Construction, Moorabool Wind Farm provided regular updates on construction activities, including what to expect on roads around the site.

Now the Wind Farm is operational, we are providing a regular newsletter on local activities and any other updates the community needs to know about site.

All updates are also provided in local newspapers and via the Moorabool Wind Farm e-newsletter, as well as on this website.

For past construction and community updates*, please use the links below:

* We use the term ‘commissioned’ in this context to mean that all turbines had undertaken a commissioning test. However due to a number of factors some turbines had to undergo further construction works to be able to pass their grid commissioning and reliability tests. The final turbine in MNWF was commissioned on the 1 April 2022 after completing its construction works and passing its grid commissioning and reliability test.