Transmission Line

The Moorabool Wind Farm (MWF) is connected to the National Electricity Grid via a 132kV overhead powerline. The powerline will extend for approximately 30km, connecting the Moorabool North and Moorabool South Wind Farms to the existing Elaine terminal station, near the Elaine township.

The powerline route can  be seen on the map below:

BEON (a subsidiary of Powercor) has undertaken the construction of the line and will own and operate the overhead line and necessary connection assets that will allow MWF to export electricity to the National Electricity Market.

Powercor is one of the major licensed transmission and distribution network service providers in Victoria, currently managing powerline and network assets to provide electricity for almost 1.1 million Victorians.

The line consists of:

  • 103 Power poles have been constructed with typical heights of around 20-26m.
  • Poles are generally spaced between 100 and 240m apart, to minimize ground disturbance along the route.
  • Poles are steel construction.
  • The powerline carries two circuits between Elaine Terminal Station and Moorabool South wind farm, and a single circuit between the north and south sections.
  • The pole locations and heights, and the conductors, are arranged so they meet minimum height and vegetation clearances in accordance with Australian Standards, relevant project approvals, and standard industry practices.

The powerline is complete.