Near Neighbours


Near Neighbours are considered those residences within 3km of a wind turbine.

Moorabool Wind Farm is committed to strengthening relationships with the local community and is keen to spread the benefits of the wind farm through the community beyond those properties with turbines.

The Neighbour Involvement Scheme (Electricity) is open to residences within 3km of a proposed turbine.

Moorabool Wind Farm is offering to pay each resident within 3km up to $1,500 per annum to go towards the cost of electricity usage at the property.

If you believe you’re eligible, please contact 1800 019 660 or email [email protected] for further information and to sign up to the scheme.



Landscape and Visual Screening Program


All residences within 4km of a wind turbine at Moorabool Wind Farm and have one or more turbines visible from the residence are eligible to take part in the Landscape and Visual Screening Program. It is not compulsory. Conditions 21 and 22 of the Planning Permit relate to the Landscape and Visual Screening Program.

Interested owners of residences must apply within 12 months of the last wind turbine becoming operational. A landscaping plan would be prepared in consultation with the property owner. Full costs for the design, implementation and maintenance for up to 2 years, is paid for by Moorabool Wind Farm.

Should you wish to find out more, please see the Factsheet page or complete the form on the contact us page of this website.


Landscape and Visual Screening – Moorabool North Wind Farm

Expressions of interest are now being sought from residents of dwellings within 4km of a Moorabool North Wind Farm turbine. Please see here for further details.