What is a Community Reference Group (CRG)?

The CRG provides an important forum for open discussion between representatives of Moorabool Wind Farm, the local Communities,

Local Council and other interested stakeholders.

It provides a way for the project team to give regular updates on wind farm activities, invite discussion and proactively respond to any questions or concerns of the community.

Expressions of Interest

Moorabool Wind Farm is seeking expressions of interest from community representatives to serve on the Community Reference Group.

For further details please see the Information Sheet and Area Map. To express your interest please complete the online form here, or contact us for more details.

Applications close Thursday 15th August 2019 at 5pm.

Why appoint a CRG?

The CRG is a valuable tool to disseminate information about the project to members of the community and to receive feedback.

Meetings are currently held every 3 months at various locations close to the project.

The 10 members of the CRG are:

  • Dave O Hanlon – Chair -Ballan
  • John Fish – Mt Wallace
  • Mick Conroy – Ballan
  • Mark Conlan – Ballan
  • Joy Geoghegan – Ballan/Mt Egerton
  • Jackie Warner – Ballan
  • David Hookey – Ballan
  • Karen Marsh – Mt Wallace
  • Moorabool Shire Council
  • Matt Muldoon – Ballan/Mt Egerton

Terms of Reference

Terms of reference can be found here.


Meeting 1 – 16th May 2017

Meeting 2 – 22nd August 2017

Meeting 3 – 21st November 2017

Meeting 4 – 20th February 2018

Meeting 5 – 22nd May 2018

Meeting 6 – 25th September 2018

Meeting 7 – 19th February 2019

Meeting 8 - 21st May 2019


The next Meeting is scheduled for 20th August at 6.30pm at 120 Inglis Street, Ballan.