What is a Community Reference Group (CRG)?

Since 2017, the Group has been an important part of the project by voicing questions, concerns and suggestions from the community as well as acting as a platform to update the community on important project updates.

The Community Reference Group were also key partners and collaborators in helping the project design and develop the guidelines and process for the Moorabool Wind Farm Community Fund.

Moorabool wind farm is very appreciative of their work and commitment over the last 4 years.

As Moorabool Wind Farm moves closer to operations, the role of the group is now changing to become the Community Fund Assessment Panel for the two Moorabool Wind Farm Community Fund funding rounds each year.

Community Fund Assessment Panel

Assessments will take place annually for each fund.

The current assessment panel members are:

  • Mick Conroy – Ballan
  • Joy Geoghegan – Ballan/Mt Egerton
  • David Hookey – Ballan
  • Matt Muldoon – Ballan/Mt Egerton
  • Colin Cook - Morrisons

Terms of Reference

Terms of reference can be found here.

Summary Minutes of Community Reference Group

Meeting 1 – 16th May 2017

Meeting 2 – 22nd August 2017

Meeting 3 – 21st November 2017

Meeting 4 – 20th February 2018

Meeting 5 – 22nd May 2018

Meeting 6 – 25th September 2018

Meeting 7 – 19th February 2019

Meeting 8 - 21st May 2019

Meeting 9 - 20th August 2019

Meeting 10 - 29th November 2019

Meetings were suspended due to COVID-19.

Meeting 11 - 20th October 2020.