Media Releases


Moorabool Wind Farm may issue media releases to announce significant project activities or events. If you would like to make any media related inquiries, please contact us.


Please see archived media releases below:


  1. Media Release 27th February 2016   – Moorabool Wind Farm Official Association Partner for the Ballan Autumn Festival Association
  2. Media Release 5th April 2018 – Moorabool Wind Farm connection Agreement Finalised
  3. Media Release 24th April 2018 – Moorabool North Wind Farm set to Progress Towards Construction
  4. Media Release 18th June 2018 – Moorabool Wind Farm – ICN Industry Briefing
  5. Media Release 23rd August 2018 – Moorabool Wind Farm Supports Local Communities Through Sponsorship
  6. Media Release 30th August 2018 – Moorabool Wind Farm Celebrates the Start of Construction