Information Centre and Local Representative


Julie Dargan


Julie Dargan is the Moorabool Wind Farm Local Representative. She is based at the the Moorabool Wind Farm Information Centre located at 120 Inglis Street, Ballan.

The Centre provides general information on the wind farm and copies of newsletters etc.


Opening hours are Wednesday to Saturday 9am to 1pm 

Information Centre at 120 Inglis Street, Ballan

Information Centre at 120 Inglis Street, Ballan



 Aussie Bush Telegraph


Kate Banner of the Aussie Bush Telegraph has a selection of maps and project updates available at the cafe. (rear of 5266 Midland Highway).

This is to enable residents of the southern area of the wind farm project, such as Elaine and Morrisons, easier access to information about the project.



For further information, please contact us.